Kolea Vacation Rental Selection in Building 14

  • Kolea 14B

    Enjoy a spaious two bedroom villa at Kolea at Waikoloa while staying at Kolea 14B.

  • Kolea 14L

    Kolea 14L is one of the few two bedroom villas at Kolea tht offers a nice ocean view. This villa is nicely furnished and great for families.

  • Kolea 14E

    Enjoy a nice partial ocean view with glimpses of the sandy beach from this two bedroom Kolea villa!

  • Kolea 14M

    Kolea 14M is a gogeously furnished penthouse with a refreshing breeze which sweeps through the entire villa. This 2 bedroom/2 bathroom villa is perfectly situated to offer an ocean view.

  • Kolea 14J

    Enjoy a one bedroom villa at Kolea with an ocean view.