Choosing a Room at Kona Village Resort

Kona Village Resort

Choosing a room to stay in at Kona Village Resort can be challenging………….because they are all great!

Recently reopened in the summer of 2023 one of the greatest changes the resort made as the attention to detail on the layout and location of each hale.  At the “old Kona Village” you could often times find yourself in a room that was far inferior to other rooms on the property.  That is no longer the case.   One of the greatest improvements are to the hales that are located on the lagoon as well as the “non beachfront hales”.

The non beachfront hales were changed from standard hales like the other ones to what they call tree top hales.  These hales have a more contemporary look than the other hales and sit up higher than the other hales, which gives most of them a nice view of the ocean.  One of the nicest additions in a daybed swing that will be found on the lanai of these.  Each of these hales offer the same luxurious interiors of the other hales.

While the hales on the lagoon are similar to the other hales, the overall upgrade to the lagoon area is very nice.  At the “old Kona Village” these hales could feel a little closed in between the lagoon and the landscaping around the lagoon and due to the mix of the water and lush landscaping, mosquitos could often be a problem.  With the new design, the lagoon feels very open, there are seating areas around the lagoon, and often times you can see wildlife such as ducks swimming in the lagoon.

If an oceanfront hale or suite is not in your budget, you will not feel shorted if you choose to stay in a tree top hale or on the lagoon.



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