Asaya Spa

Not only does the Asaya Spa boast immaculate facilities, the service and experience you will receive is spectacular.

It is broken into two buildings. The first is a nice rectangular building with plenty of glass to give it an open feeling. Here you will find the lobby area and a room for manicures and pedicures.

Upon checking in you will be greeted with refreshments and sat down for a selection of body scrubs and massage oils.

There is a nice lava field with a fire pit between the buildings. Located in the other building is where many of the other spa treatments happen. There are his and hers locker rooms on either side of the building. These include indoor/outdoor showers, lockers, jacuzzi, plung pool, sauna, and a steam room. In the middle of the his and hers locker rooms is a nice lounging area. Here you will find a selection of teas, water, and small snacks. It is a very relaxing place to sit.

Just off of this building are the massage hales. The hales can either be open air or closed with air conditioning. They each feature a tub and outdoor shower for after if you would like.

A popular treatment that is not often found at other spas is the CBD oil treatment, which is a must try if that interests you.

Call 808-865-2530 today to book an unforgettable spa treatment at one of the top spas on the Hawaiian Islands!