2020 Hualalai Resort Fees

2020 hualalai resort fees
Here is the resort fee breakdown for 2020. Please contact us at 808-987-4519 if you have any questions regarding a vacation rental at Hualalai Resort on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Hualalai Spa at Hualalai Resort

hualalai-spaThe Spa at Hualalai is the top spa on the Big Island of Hawaii.  This spa has about anything someone could desire.  The dressing rooms are fully equipped with very nice lockers and are well kept.  Here you will also find steam rooms, showers, outdoor showers, plung pools, and much more.

Travel outside of the building to the outdoor treatment rooms nestled among some lush tropical landscaping.

The Spa at Hualalai uses some of the finest products you could desire and most are sourced locally on the island.  The spa also offers unique apothecary with over 20 natural ingredients custom blended for each individual.

The open air Water of Life is a place of natural beauty to relax and enjoy the natural elements.

2017 Hualalai Resort Fee Program

For 2017 there has been a slight change in some of the dates for the resort fee periods. Please find it below. To see more information on some of the policies with regards to the program please refer back to the implementation information at http://www.hualalai.com/hualalai-resort-fee-program/