Kona Village Resort Restaurants

There are two primary restaurants, Moana and Kahuwai Cookhouse and Market.  There are a few other options for smaller eats if you want.  The restaurants for the most part offer the standard menus you would expect in Hawaii, but some of the executive chefs at Kona Village were brought in from Mexico so the menus offer a small amount of Mexican flare.  While that is not a common blend in Hawaii, I am sure the dining experience will exceed your expectations.

One thing that Kona Village claims, that they do actually truly adhere to is that they want to collaborate with local farmers, fishermen, etc to bring you fresh local products.  Many businesses claim this, but do not truly seem to desire to follow through on it.  At Kona Village they call it their “Partners in Province” and what we saw was that they truly try to include an array of local products in their restaurants.

Kona Village Moana Restaurant


Moana is the place for breakfast and an upscale dinner dining experience.  The breakfast has an array of choices for food options as well as a selection of fresh juices, teas, and coffees.  
Our favorite item on the breakfast menu is the green chilaquiles, which is eggs, avocado, crema, and queso fresca over tortilla chips that were made in house.  If you are looking for something different, the mochi pancakes were also great. 

For dinner, Moana is a beautiful restaurant and lights up very well.  You will find a choice of Pacific rim cuisine with plenty of local fish options.  Regardless of what you choose, you are sure to enjoy it. 
Our favorite: The charred ahi with namasu appetizer.

Kahuwai Cookhouse and Market

Kahuwai Cookhouse and Market is the primary place for lunch and offers some of your standard lunch items such as hamburgers and also offers some unique lunch offerings such as a lomi salmon over avocado. 

Our favorite: If you like tres leche cake, you definitely have to try theirs.  Enjoy this Mexican dessert masterpiece with a touch of Hawaii added to it.