Petroglpyhs Park

Petroglpyhs are lava rock carvings etched into stone dating back to 1200 AD. Although the true meaning of most of the petroglyphs are unknown, it is generally thought that they signified births or other significant events. You can find these along the Kohala Coast of the Big Island, but to see them you must hike amongst the lava rocks to see them. At Kona Village you can walk safely along a wooden walkway above the petroglyphs to enjoy them.
There is also a cultural center nearby, but as of July 2023 was not yet open.

Rosewood Explorers Keiki (Kids) Club

This club is outdoors with some covered space, but offers supervised activities for children if they would like to play with other kids or if you would like to enjoy the spa or something of that nature. There is a small soccer field, a large outrigger canoe to learn about it, bean bags, any many other things for the children to enjoy.
Kona Village Resort Games

Family Game Center

In an open space with a nice view, there is a large space for families to play. At the center of the space is bocce ball, a fun family game. Nested around that is bean bag toss, ping pong, a pool table, foosball, and a few other options.


Guests of Kona Village Resort, get complimentary bikes if they choose. While the resort is not too expansive, these allow you to easily get around the resort if you so choose. While this is a nice amenity, most guests enjoy walking along the beach to their destination.