Kaupulehu Marine Reserve at Hualalai


Four Seasons Hualalai as well as Kona Village Resort are both located on the waters of a marine sanctuary.  This restricts people from fishing off this area in hopes that over time it will bring back more sea life.

According to a join study in 2008 over 75% of the fish population in the State of Hawaii is depleted by a significant amount.  Studies show that it is directly related to fishing and not as much swimming or development of nearby lands although both of those do have some impact.

The ruling on the marine sanctuary went into effect in 2016 and is in place for 10 years.  The sanctuary itself takes up 3.6 miles of coastline and goes from the shores out to 120 feet of depth.  Areas where the water is deeper fishing is still allowed, but in minimal quantities.

While this ruling was not liked by many fisherman, the sanctuary hopes to increase the marine population in this area.  Also while it was not a direct into, this also makes the waters off of Kona Village Resort and Four Seasons Hualalai a great place to snorkel.

In 2026 when the ruling ends, there will be a discussion of weather to continue to have the waters a marine sanctuary or to lift it.  If you are staying in Hualalai Resort it is asked that you respect the marine life that you may come across in the waters as well as on shore.


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