Kona Village Resort – Committed to Sustainability


The Kona Village Resorts sits upon some amazing land of the Big Island of Hawaii that includes anchialine ponds, archaeological sites, and much more.  Due to this, Kona Village has not only committed to conservation of the land, but also taken sustainability to another level.

Kona Village is one of the first, if not the first, resort to be 100% solar powered.  Located throughout the property are a number of solar fields that power the resort.  They did a great job on choosing the locations of these fields so that while staying there you do not notice them.  Along with the fields they offer a covered parking garage for guests that not only offers shade for guests cars, but also is covered in solar panels.  The number of solar panels accompanied by solar batteries will assure that the Kona Village Resort can power itself.

Kona Village resort also has a waste water treatment plant on-site to take water used throughout the property and ready it for use in other areas such as landscaping.

Another amazing aspect of the Kona Village Resort sustainability project that goes to show you the importance that Kona Village Resort put into this is the thatch roofs that you will find on many of the hales is not thatch, but recycled plastic.  It looks just like thatch except will also last longer.

If you were a visitor of the “Old Kona Village” you may remember that there were not any air conditioners in the hales.  They now have air conditioning in the hales.  The air conditioners run off a central cooling tower system which is more efficient than a standard air conditioning system in each hale.  It also give the Kona Village Resort more control over the overall energy consumption.


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